Nature Videos and Colonoscopies (11-20-19)

Sjolander and colleagues examined the effects of showing people having colonoscopies nature videos during the procedure and found that the patients exposed to the nature videos experienced less stress.  As they describe “One of the four endoscopy rooms was rebuilt to include a large digital screen showing calm nature films. . . . The presence of calm nature films during colonoscopy decreased the release of cortisol, increased prolactin levels, and enhanced oxygen saturation. These effects were more apparent in patients who were unfamiliar with the procedure and the environment, patients who underwent the examination without analgesics or sedation, and patients whose examination procedure was relatively difficult and took a long time.”  The nature video was shown on a 85.8 inch x 52.4 inch digital screen “mounted on the wall directly in front of the patient. . . . A loudspeaker playing nature sounds such as birdsong or flowing water was placed under the pillow. . . . patients could choose to have the sound on or off. . . . [films] showed scenes such as trees with leaves moving in the wind or a brook with running water.”

Annica Sjolander, Eva Ung, and Tores Theorelli, Asa Nilsson, and Kjell-Arne Ung. “Hospital Design With Nature Films Reduces Stress-Related Variables in Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy.” HERD: Health Environments Research and Design Journal, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 186-196,