Nature During COVID (10-27-21)

Mintz and colleagues studied how having contact with nature influenced human experience during COVID-19 lockdowns.  They determined that “Nature contact [was] associated with higher positive affect [mood], and lower negative affect/stress. Various forms of contact with real nature were beneficial to well-being. . . . The study took place in Israel during the last week of the first COVID-19 lockdown, when citizens were restricted to remain within 100 m of home. . . . nature near home and nature viewed from the windows contributed to higher levels of well-being, and that being in nature on the preceding day was associated with higher levels of positive affect. . . . Viewing nature images was also associated with level of well-being, mainly to reduced level of stress and negative affect.” Contact with nature was defined to include “Nature near home, Nature viewed from home windows, and being in nature on the preceding day.” 

Keren Mintz, Ofira Ayalon, Orly Nathan, and Tzipi Eshet.  2021. “See or Be?  Contact with Nature and Well-Being During COVID-19 Lockdown.” Journal of Environmental Psychology, vol. 78, 101714,