Natural Environments and Cravings (07-22-19)

Our physical environment influences our cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, and harmful foods.  Researchers have determined that “Green views were inversely associated with craving strength and frequency. . . . Access to a garden/allotment was inversely associated with craving. . . . Access to gardens/allotments and residential views incorporating more than 25% greenspace were both associated with reductions in the strength and frequency of cravings.” This study has important public health implications  and the links between exposure to nature and reduced  cravings can reasonably be assumed to be present in other space types, such as workplaces.

Leanne Martin, Sabine Pahl, Mathew White, and Jon May.  “Natural Environments and Craving:  The Mediating Role of Negative Affect.”  Health and Place, in press,