Natural and Urban Views (12-23-21)

A Batool-lead team confirms that people prefer natural views.  They report that “When looking out of a window, natural views are usually associated with restorative qualities and are given a higher preference than urban scenes. Previous research has shown that gaze behaviour might differ based on the natural or urban content of views. A lower number of fixations has been associated with the aesthetic evaluation of natural scenes while, when looking at an urban environment, a high preference has been correlated with more exploratory gaze behaviours. . . . results confirm that natural scenes are more preferred than urban views and that gaze behaviours depend on view type and preference. Observing natural scenes was characterised by lower numbers of fixations and saccades, and longer fixation durations, compared to urban views. However, for both view types, most preferred scenes led to more fixations and saccades.”

A. Batool, P. Rutherford, P. McGraw, T. Ledgeway, and S. Altomonte.  “Gaze Correlates of View Preference:  Comparing Natural and Urban Scenes.”  Lighting Research and Technology, in press,