Name Cues (09-23-21)

How do names influence perceptions?  Zhang, Li, and Ng found that “Size cues are increasingly common in brand names (e.g., Xiaomi and Mini Cooper). . . . This research shows that a brand name size cue can evoke gender associations, which subsequently affect consumers’ perceived warmth and competence of the target brand. . . . brands with a size cue of smallness in the name are perceived to be warmer but less competent, while those with a size cue of  bigness are perceived to be less warm but more competent. . . .  this research rules out alternative accounts based on perceived market power and firm size.”

Kuangjie Zhang, Shabo Li, and Sharon Ng.  “Sizes Are Gendered:  The Effect of Size Cues in Brand Names on Brand Stereotyping.”  Journal of Consumer Research, in press,