Music, What’s It Good For (07-19-19)

Sinclair and colleagues investigated the implications of listening to music.  They report that “Music streaming, structured by an expanding network of social interdependencies (e.g. musicians, sound engineers, computer scientists and distributors) has made it easier to consume music in a wider number of social and private spaces and to a greater degree. . . .  We argue that music is used to demarcate, transition between, and blur space. Music plays an important role in facilitating the rhythm of routine, helping individuals to adjust to the demands of different spaces (based on varying intensities and immediacies of social pressures) and manage mood.”

Gary Sinclair, Julie Tinson, and Paddy Dolan. 2019.  “Music in the Time-Spectrum:  Routines, Spaces and Emotional Experience.”  Leisure Studies, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 509-522,