More on Scenting (02-23-21)

Cotneilio and colleagues studied relationships between sense of agency and scents.  Sense of agency (SoA) is described as “ the feeling of ‘I did that’ as opposed to ‘the system did that’ supporting a feeling of being in control.”  The team “investigated, for the first time, the effect of smell-induced emotions on the SoA. . . . participants were exposed to three scents with different valence (pleasant, unpleasant, neutral).  Our results show that participants’ SoA increased with a pleasant scent compared to neutral and unpleasant scents.”      

Patricia Cotnelio, Emanuela Maggioni, Giada Brianza, Sriram Subramanian, and Marianna Obrist. 2020. “SmellControl:  The Study of the Sense of Agency in Smell.”  Proceedings of the 3030 International Conference in Mutltimodal Interaction, pp. 470-480,