Merging Smell and Taste (05-20-22)

Some researchers are suggesting that smell and taste be considered one sensory channel, not two.  A paper to be published in The Quarterly Review of Biology written by Mollo and 14 colleagues “proposes the unification of all chemosensory modalities into a single sense. . . . The paper thus envisages a rupture with what emerges as one of the most deeply rooted confirmation biases in the scientific literature: the differentiation between gustation (taste) and olfaction (smell). . . . ‘The time has come to abandon the differentiation between the chemical senses and start asking better questions about the complex, nuanced, and interconnected manners by which a vast variety of chemicals have become signals crucially important to survival,’ the authors write.”

“Should All Chemosensory Modalities Be Unified Into a Single Sense?”  2022.  Press release, The University of Chicago Press Journals,