Lynch Today (10-23-19)

Park and Evans assessed the current relevance of Lynch’s work.  They share that “Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City (1960) identified five physical elements—path, edge, district, node, and landmark—that are the building blocks of place.  Both the physical and sociocultural function of these elements, along with their locations, affects how we comprehend (legibility) and generate meaning of place (imageability). . . . dependence on LBS [location-based services, online applications that reflect users’ geographic locations and include navigation apps . . local weather functions. . . augmented reality games (e.g., Pokemon Go)] for wayfinding undermines the significance of local landmarks and other elements. . . . Snapshot information, such as pictures featured on LBS, often lack context and are devoid of kinetic and other sensory information.  Virtual exposure to geotagged pictures therefore can help build an image of the city but not necessarily contribute to its legibility.”

Giyoung Park and Gary Evans.  2018.  “Lynch’s Elements of the City in the Digital Era.”  Journal of the American Planning Association, vol. 84, no. 3-4, pp. 276-278,