Locating Bike Sharing Stations (02-07-20)

Recently completed research indicates that potential users of bike sharing services are not willing to walk much to pick up that shared bike.  Girotra, Belavina, and Kabra determined that Even a relatively short walk to find the nearest bicycle is enough to deter many potential users of bike sharing systems. . . . outside of a few big stations at major transit hubs, cities and bike-share operators should strive to create denser networks with many smaller stations . . .  and keep them stocked.. . . . someone roughly 300 meters (nearly 1,000 feet) from a docking station is 60% less likely to use the service than someone very near the station. The odds decrease slightly with every additional meter, such that someone 500 meters away – about one-third of a mile – is ‘highly unlikely to use the system.’  But a 10% increase in bike availability – the likelihood of finding a bicycle at a station – would grow ridership by roughly 12%. . . . placing stations near grocery stores provides the most benefit.”  This bike sharing-related study is published in Management Science.

James Dean. 2020.  “If It Takes a Hike, Riders Won’t  Go for Bike Sharing.”  Press release, Cornell University/ Cornell Chronicle, http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2020/01/if-it-takes-hike-riders-wont-go-bike-sharing