Lightness Changes Desirable (04-16-21)

Rodriquez and teammates determined via a virtual-reality-based study that we prefer apparent daylighting levels to vary from time to time in viewed urban environments; their findings may be useful to people developing virtual spaces, for example. The group shares that their work “analyze[d] subjective reponses to lightness changes in outdoor views with respect to three view constructs (i.e., preference, recovery, and imageability). . . . This study evidenced that lightness changes in views prompted positive responses from individual observers with respect to preference, restoration, and imageability. These findings might inform the adjustment of integrated lighting and automated shading devices in windowed settings. . . .  The evidence presented in this study suggests that luminous changes in views are important features to be considered in future design guidelines and projects involving the assessment of outdoor views.”  

Francisca Rodriquez, Veronica Garcia-Hansen, Alicia Allan, and Gillian Isoardi. 2021.  “Subjective Responses Toward Daylight Changes in Window Views: Assessing Dynamic Environmental Attributes in an Immersive Experiment.”  Building and Environment, vol. 195, 107720,