Lighting and Purchasing (05-04-18)

Guido and his team studied the effects of lighting color on purchases made.  They report that “According to multidisciplinary research, the blue light has important consequences for human beings’ productivity and well‐being, as it positively influences their circadian, endocrine, and neurobehavioral functions. . . . [Guido and colleagues determined that] consumers who are exposed to certain conditions of blue lighting (identified by an emission spectrum centered at 460 nm; i.e., ‘actinic blue’), in either a room environment or via a smartphone, are more inclined to purchase hedonic [pleasurable] rather than utilitarian [useful]products. . . . [than people experiencing] white lighting (identified with an emission spectrum centered at 635 nm; i.e., ‘warm white’).”

Gianluigi Guido, Luigi Piper, Irene Prete, Antonio Mileti, and Carla Trisolini.  2017. “Effects of Blue Lighting in Ambient and Mobile Settings on the Intention to Buy Hedonic and Utilitarian Products.”  Psychology and Marketing, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 215-226,