Less Annoying Experiences (02-01-18)

Pohl, Gabriel, and Hubner set out to learn how to improve wind farm residents’ responses to wind turbine noise.  Their findings are useful whenever some people may be less than happy with designed conditions.  The research team learned via interviews with people living in a wind farm in Germany that “Noise annoyance was minimally correlated with distance to the closest WT [wind turbine] and sound pressure level, but moderately correlated with fair planning. . . . The planning and construction process has proven to be central − it is recommended to make this process as positive as possible.”  Pohl and his colleagues found that wind farm neighbors were less stressed when they were treated with respect while the farm was being planned.  The research team determined, for example, that information about the turbines needed be shared with them and that nearby residents needed be involved in the planning possess itself.  

Johannes Pohl, Joachim Gabriel, and Gundula Hubner.  2018.  “Understanding Stress Effects of Wind Turbine Noise  – The Integrated Approach.”  Energy Policy, vol. 112, pp. 119-128, http://doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2017.10.007.