Kids and Nature (07-24-19)

Our attitudes towards nature evolve over our lives. Meidenbauer and colleagues found that “Children aged 4-11 years do not show the preference for nature [over urban spaces] found in adults [children demonstrated robust preferences for urban over natural environments]. With age, children’s preferences for urban over natural environments decrease.  More nearby nature is associated with fewer attention problems in children. The observed attentional benefits are unrelated to the children’s preferences.  Children’s preferences were not linked to their home, school or play environments. . . . both adults and children show cognitive and affective [emotional] benefits after nature exposure.

Kimberly Meidenbauer, Cecilia Stenfors, Jaime Young, Elliot Layden, Kathryn Schertz, Omid Kardan, Jean Decety, and Marc Berman. “The Gradual Development of the Preference for Natural Environments.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press,