Indoor Air Purifiers – Why? (02-02-22)

Cooper and associates probed why people use indoor air purifiers in their homes.  They learned that “One of the most widely available technologies to clean the air in homes of particulate matter of less than 2.5 µm in diameter (PM2.5), known to have negative health impacts, are portable home air purifiers (HAPs). . . . perceptions of IAQ were not correlated with measured high PM2.5 levels; occupants reported the HAPs to have a ‘cooling’ effect, which may explain why the predominant driver of HAP use was thermal comfort, rather than IAQ, in all three cities [where data were collected]. The latter finding was supported by a statistically significant increase in the probability of HAP use with increasing indoor temperatures.”

Elizabeth Cooper, Yan Wang, Samuel Stamp, and 16 others.  2022.  “Why Do People Use Portable Air Purifiers?  Evidence From Occupant Surveys and Air Quality Monitoring in Homes in Three European Cities.”  Building Research and Information, vol. 50, no. 1-2, pp. 213-229,