Implications of Shared Features (12-07-20)

Hughes and research partners developed the shared features principle. They provide details about the principle, which  “refers to the idea that when 2 stimuli share 1 feature, people often assume that they share other features as well. . . .  Our results indicate that behavioral intentions, automatic evaluations, and self-reported ratings of a target object were influenced by the source object with which the target shared a feature. This was even the case when participants were told that there was no relation between source and target objects. Taken together, the shared features principle appears to be general, reliable, and replicable across a range of measures in the attitude domain.”

Sean Hughes, Jan De Houwer, Simone Mattavelli, and Ian Hussey. 2020.  “The Shared Features Principle:  If Two Objects Share a Feature, People Assume Those Objects Also Share Other Features.”  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  General, vol. 149, no. 12, pp. 2264-2288,