Implications of Restaurant Patron Density (12-24-21)

Kim and colleagues looked closely at how the number of humans in a restaurant influences products consumed.  They report that they studied “beverage consumption patterns in a real bar setting. Specifically, we examined (a) the effect of visual elements (i.e., consumption-inducing text messages on coasters), (b) the effect of social density, and (c) the joint effect of visual elements and social density. We manipulated coaster type (visual consumption-inducing messages either present or absent), measured social density, and collected sales data. The results show that visual elements have a significant effect on beverage consumption, but social density does not. . . . the effect of visual elements is higher when social density is low.”

Min Kim, Hyunjoo Yang, and Anna Mattila.  “Effects of Visual Cues and Social Density on Beverage Consumption:  A Field Experiment in a Bar.” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, in press,