Imaginative Retail Displays (05-20-21)

A study published in the Journal of Marketing, written by Keh, Wang, and Yan, reports on effective retail display design; its findings are likely applicable more generally by retail designers.  The Keh-lead team shares that “Imaginative displays are constructed using multiple units of the same product in a novel, yet aesthetically appealing, form. . . . relative to standard displays (i.e., non-novel and neutral aesthetics), imaginative displays can increase customers’ purchase intention, actual purchases, product sales, and ROI. . . . a themed imaginative display leads customers to infer benefits from the display, which increases their purchase behavior.  . . . This effect applies to both familiar and less familiar brands. . . .   For a themed imaginative display (i.e., has a particular shape mimicking an object), the retailer should ensure that the display form is congruent with the perceived product benefit to increase purchase behavior.  Incongruence between display form and product benefit would backfire.”

“Press Release from the Journal of Marketing:  Gimmicky or Effective?  The Effects of Imaginative Displays on Customers’ Purchase Behavior.” 2021.  Press release, American Marketing Association (press release by Matt Weingarden),