IEQ and Cognitive Performance (07-23-21)

Wang and colleagues extensively reviewed links between indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and mental achievement presented in the peer-reviewed literature.  They report that “The present review decomposes IEQ into five factors—indoor air quality, the thermal environment, lighting, noise, and non-light visual factors. It divided cognition into five categories—attention, perception, memory, language function, and higher order cognitive skills. . . .  results show that poor IEQ conditions are but not always associated with reduced cognition. However, the effects of a specific IEQ factor on different cognitive functions are quite distinct. Likewise, a specific cognitive function could be affected by different IEQ factors to varying degrees. . . . Overall, there is a preponderance of the evidence that almost all IEQ factors, including indoor air quality, thermal environment, noise, lighting, and non-light visual factors could affect cognitive performance to varying degrees.” Many condition specific details are provided in the text of this article.

Chao Wang, Fan Zhang, Julian Wang, James Doyle, Peter Hancock, Cheuk Mak, and Shichao Liu. 2021.  “How Indoor Environmental Quality Affects Occupants’ Cognitive Functions: A Systematic Review.”  Building and Environment, vol. 193, 107647,