Housing and Child Mental Health (06-21-22)

Nasim evaluated links between living conditions and children’s mental health.  The investigator reports that their “study explored the role of housing (and neighbourhood) quality in explaining differences in childhood mental and physical health between those living in social-rented flats and houses. . . . Evidence is found that poorer housing quality explained over 50% of the deficit in the mental health of children in flats compared with houses in the social-rented sector. The role of housing quality in accounting for the poorer mental health of children was not explained by observable differences in the level of household disadvantage. . . . [effects were] primarily explained by differences in levels of damp and mould as well as differences in the mother's satisfaction with her home, with a smaller role for the temperature of the home.” 

Bilal Nasim.  “Does Poor Quality Housing Impact on Child Health?  Evidence from the Social Housing Sector in Avon, UK.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press, 101811, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvp.2022.101811