Hotel Charging Stations (05-24-22)

Some hotels benefit more from installing electric vehicle charging stations that others.  Qian and Zhang share that “Using evidence from monthly revenue data of 2,774 hotels in Texas of United States (US) between 2015 and 2018, this paper quantifies the economic benefits of hotels hosting Tesla’s charging facilities and finds that nearby attractions amplify the benefits. . . . The findings reveal that upscale hotels benefit more than luxury as well as mid-price and cheaper hotels from hosting Tesla charging facilities. After Tesla introduced the Model 3, these benefits increased for upscale hotels but decreased for luxury hotels. These findings have important implications for the hospitality and tourism industries to better adapt to the emerging EV transition.”

Lixian Qian and Cheng Zhang.  “Complementary or Congruent?  The Effect of Hosting Tesla Charging Stations on Hotels’ Revenue.”  Journal of Travel Research, in press.