Hospital Ward Visibility (04-29-20)

Pachilova and Sailerused Space Syntax to study hospital ward design.  They report that “new research suggests that good face-to-face communication between doctors and nurses crucially impacts the health and safety of patients. . . . [the] Spaces for Communication Index (SCI). . . . assesses communication opportunities. . . . .[NHS wards were] analysed with the Space Syntax method, which investigated the size of visual fields of healthcare workers on everyday movement paths through the ward. Large viewsheds provide good visibility and awareness of the environment. As a result, they accrue more communication opportunities by virtue of the layout. . . . Results showed that the higher the index, the better the quality of care. . . . In terms of design, these results highlight the importance of the openness of spaces that healthcare workers traverse to get from one key area to another.”

Rosica Pachilova and Kerstin Sailer.  2020.  “Providing Care Quality By Design:  A New Measure to Assess Hospital Ward Layouts.”  The Journal of Architecture, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 186-202,