Healthy Spaces for Older Folks (10-26-21)

Engelen, Rahmann, and de Jong reviewed published studies to learn more about how design influences Quality of Life (QoL) of older individuals.  They report that their work “takes a cross-disciplinary approach to understand the current evidence of the relationship between design, healthy ageing and QoL. . . . The extracted literature suggests there is good evidence for the role of biophilia, and indoor environmental quality; emerging evidence for technology, wayfinding, and opportunities for social interactions; but limited evidence for safety/security and adaptability/fit. One significant consideration for healthy ageing was older adults maintaining agency in their lives, including the ability to exert control over their environment in order to support healthy ageing.”

Lina Engelen, Margie Rahmann, and Ellen de Jong.  “Design for Healthy Ageing – The Relationship Between Design, Well-Being, and Quality of Life:  A Review.”  Building Research and Information, in press,