Healing Spaces: Concepts (02-28-17)

DuBose and her research team explored how spatial design can influence healing.  They share that “there is a growing recognition that our healthcare system could do more by promoting overall wellness, and this requires expanding the focus to healing. . . . this review of the literature presents the existing evidence to identify how healthcare spaces can foster healing. The environmental variables found to directly affect or facilitate one or more dimension of healing were organized into six groups of variables—homelike environment, access to views and nature, light, noise control, barrier-free environment, and room layout. . . . Healing spaces. . . . support healing intention and foster healing relationships.”

Jennifer DuBose, Lorissa MacAllister, Khatereh Hadi, and Bonnie Sakallaris.  “Exploring the Concept of Healing Spaces.”  HERD:  Health Environments Research and Design Journal, in press.