Handwritten Fonts (08-16-21)

Izadi and Patrick studied responses to fonts that look like handwriting.  They report that “the use of handwritten fonts on product packaging elicits an approach tendency and enhances haptic engagement [touch], which influences product evaluation and choice likelihood. . . . Studies 1 and 2 use real products to show that a product label with a handwritten (vs. typewritten) font elicits haptic engagement and, enhanced product evaluations (Study 2). . . . . [this] effect is observed only for benign (safe and enjoyable) product categories, but not for risky (unsafe and dangerous) ones. Study 4 relies on a simulated store setup with actual products to illustrate the differential preference for products with a handwritten (vs. typewritten) font when choosing between brands in a benign (vs. risky) product category.”

Anoosha Izadi and Vanessa Patrick.  2020. “The Power of the Pen: Handwritten Fonts Promote Haptic Engagement.”  Psychology and Marketing, vol. 37, no. 8, pp. 1082-1100, https://doi.org/10.1002/mar.21318