Greenery and Walking (09-30-20)

Li and colleagues studied how streetscapes influence walking in Boston.  They report that “Publicly accessible Google Street View images were used to estimate the amount of street greenery. . . .  Statistical analysis results show that the associations between human walking activities and the streetscape variables vary among different land use types after controlling the confounding variable of the Walk Score and population. . . .  In residential and commercial land use areas, the visibility of the street greenery is negatively associated with human walking activities.  For recreational land and industrial land, there is no significant association between the visibility of street greenery and human walking activities.”

Xiaojiang Li, Paolo Santi, Theodore Courtney, Santosh Verma, and Carlo Ratti. “Investigating the Association Between Streetscapes and Human Walking Activities Using Google Street View and Human Trajectory Data.”  Transactions in GIS, in press, DOI:  10.1111/tgis.12472