Green Appeal (12-09-20)

Palomo-Velez and teammates assessed interpersonal implications of environmentally responsible behavior.  They determined that “sustainable consumption may communicate traits that are valued in romantic partners.  Sustainable consumers are perceived as attractive for both short and long-term romantic relationships. . . . [results] suggest that people presented as having purchased green products are perceived as more generous and more attractive as long-term – but also short-term – romantic partners. . . .  individuals primed to think about a romantic context are no more likely to prefer sustainable products, suggesting an actor-observer discrepancy that potentially adds to the honesty of the conspicuous conservation signal.”

Gonzalo Palomo-Velez, Joshua Tybur, and Mark van Vugt.  “Is Green the New Sexy?  Romantic [sic] of Conspicuous Conservation.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press,