Gender-Linked Shopping Styles (12-28-18)

Dennis and colleagues investigated links between gender and shopping style and their findings have implications for retail design when it is more likely that a particular gender will shop at a particular website/location/etc.  The team determined that their “survey of shopping behavior across 11 countries indicate though that men and women are evolutionarily predisposed to different shopping styles. . . . Our results show that men’s and women’s shopping styles reflect their respective, evolutionarily determined, and societal roles as hunters and gatherers. . . . Male shoppers behave like ‘hunters’: They tend to be needs-driven and seek to minimize the amount of time required to make a purchase. They can do so because they are hardwired to be good systemizers. Analogously, women are hardwired to rely on their ability to empathize to interpret social situations, including shopping trips. . . . Because greater gender equality (and prosperity) makes women less dependent on men, in high-gender-equality countries, men and women are ‘truer’ to their evolutionarily determined characters, at least when it comes to shopping.”

Charles Dennis, J. Brakus, Gemma Ferrer, Charles McIntyre, Eleftherios Alamanos, and Tamira King. 2018.  “A Cross-National Study of Evolutionary Origins of Gender Shopping Styles: She Gatherer, He Hunter?” Journal of International Marketing, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 38-53,