Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms Send Positive Messages (11-28-17)

Chaney and Sanchez studied responses to gender-inclusive bathrooms; best practices for designing these sorts of rest rooms have been receiving a lot of attention recently, for example here:  Chaney/Sanchez report that  “While gender-inclusive bathrooms serve a practical function of providing a safe public restroom for transgender individuals, they may also signal identity safety [in other words, fairness] for women and racial minorities who may experience identity threat in organizations. . . .  we demonstrated that women . . . and racial minorities (Blacks, Latinos; . . .) report greater procedural fairness [i.e., less discrimination] and a more positive gender . . . or racial . . . climate in organizations with gender-inclusive bathrooms compared to traditional bathrooms. Further, these effects were due to . . . gender-inclusive bathrooms. . . signaling more egalitarian social environments.”

Kimberly Chaney and Diana Sanchez.  “Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms Signal Fairness Across Identity Dimensions.”  Social Psychological and Personality Science, in press.