Following a Lead (03-08-21)

Recently completed research indicates how behaviors in a space are related to the general conditions people encounter there. Bergquist and colleagues set out to replicate a study done by a Cialdini-lead team in 1990.  When doing so they found “less littering in clean compared to littered environments [consistent with the Cialdini-lead research]. . . . littering increased rather than decreased by adding a single piece of litter in an otherwise clean environment [inconsistent with the Cialdini-lead research].”

M. Bergquist, P. Blumenschein, J. Kohler, E. Martins, Silva Ramos, J. Rodstrom, and E. Ejelov.”Replicating the Focus Theory of Normative Conduct as Tested by Cialdini et al. (1990) Study 2 and 3.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press,