Experiences Over Product Life Cycles (09-01-20)

Yoon, Kim, and Kang investigated people’s changing experiences with products over the time products are owned.  The team reports that “five attributes of positive user experience were adopted in the study: aesthetics; instrumentality; association; self-focused identification; and relationship-focused identification. . . . results indicate that the critical attributes of positive user experiences differed to a large extent according to the phase of product usage. . . . these differences were not significant in terms of gender and age. Among the five attributes, instrumentality played a main role in positive experiences throughout the product usage life cycle, while the importance of the other attributes tended to decrease after first-time usage. The findings highlight implications for design practice that can aid the process of designing for long-lasting positive user experience throughout the product usage life cycle.” The Yoon, Kim, and Kang article is available to all at the web address noted below.

Jung Yoon, Chajoong Kim, and Raesung Kang.  2020.  “Positive User Experience Over Product Usage Life Cycle and the Influence of Demographic Factors.”  International Journal of Design, vol. 14, no. 2, http://www.ijdesign.org/index.php/IJDesign/article/viewFile/3641/902