Evaluating Art (11-19-19)

Kim, Burr, and Alais studied how recently viewed art influences perceptions of subsequently seen pieces.  Their results “showed that the current painting earned significantly higher aesthetic ratings when participants viewed a more attractive painting on the previous trial, compared to when they viewed a less attractive one. . . . findings show that aesthetic judgments are not sequentially independent.”  So, the impressions you form of a painting you are seeing now are related to the attractiveness of whatever painting you saw before it.  Paintings presented to study participants were landscapes or still lifes.

Sujin Kim, David Burr, and David Alais.  2019. “Attraction to the Recent Past in Aesthetic Judgments:  A Positive Serial Dependence for Rating Artwork.”  Journal of Vision, vol. 19, no. 19, https://doi.org/10.1167/19.12.19