Effects of Active Learning, Teaching, Design (04-22-21)

Hao, Barnes, and Jing investigated the effects of college level active learning on educational outcomes; classroom layouts and furnishings can provide more or less support for active learning.  The researchers determined that “Active learning environments were found to have little influence, whereas active learning and teaching were found to have a significantly-positive influence on student achievements. . . . Active learning classrooms, characterised by open learning spaces, movable tables and seats, and learning technologies, are designed to better support effective learning. . . . In contrast to prior studies, this research revealed that active learning and teaching has a significantly beneficial influence on computer science students’ academic achievements, but active learning environments do not. The findings of this study . . . invite more debate on the important question of whether investment in active learning classrooms is worthwhile.”

Qiang Hao, Bradley Barnes, and Mengguo Jing. 2021. “Quantifying the Effects of Active Learning Environments:  Separating Physical Learning Classrooms from Pedagogical Approaches.”  Learning Environments Research, vol. 24, pp. 109-122, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10984-020-09320-3