Designing to Thwart Burglaries (03-23-21)

Park and Lee’s research findings will be of interest to people concerned about crime prevention through environmental design.  The research duo collected data from people who are not burglars using virtual reality. Park and Lee report that their “study examines how the environmental features of residential property influence the choice of intrusion routes in a burglary, based on the assumption that burglars mainly judge whether there are proper intrusion routes rather than assessing the entire house. . . . participants tended to consider the risk of detection when comparing intrusion routes that do not function as normal entrances, such as the side-window and the 2nd-floor window. . . . Such a finding that the attributes of various environmental cues have a significant effect on the selection of the intrusion route implies that the intrusion route (not the entire house) should be considered as a basic unit when evaluating the vulnerability of a house to burglary and developing burglary prevention design strategies.”

So Park and Kyung Lee. 2021. “Burglars Choice of Intrusion Routes: A Virtual Reality Experimental Study.” Journal of Environmental Psychology, 101582,