Design and Lockdown Stress (12-08-21)

Fornara, Mosca, Bosco, and 13 others studied how home design influenced resident stress levels during the 2020 lockdown in Italy.  Their study “examined the relationship between the ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ dimensions of the home, measured in terms of objective home crowding and satisfaction with the space at home, in relation to perceived stress and the perceived risk of COVID-19 infection during the lockdown. . . . perceived stress is influenced by objective home crowding through . . . satisfaction with the space at home. These associations were more pronounced in younger generations. The negative association between satisfaction with the space at home and perceived stress was higher, the lower the perceived COVID-19 risk. . . . Satisfaction with the space at home increases when Objective home crowding decreases.”

Ferdinando Fornara, Oriana Mosca, Andrea Bosco, and 13 others. “Space at Home and Psychological Distress During the Covid-19 Lockdown in Italy.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press, 101747,