Design and Health Risk Perceptions (12-06-21)

Coronado and colleagues assessed how design influences thoughts about the likelihood of catching a disease.  They collected data in April and May 2021 via  “An anonymous online survey . . . [from] students of higher academic institutions using images portraying 3D models of classrooms and written prompts to assess perceptions. . . . [and] found a significant effect of different degrees of ‘connection to the outdoors’ and ‘occupant density’ on both perceived health risk and health promotion in both [US and Colombia] countries. Respondents ranked strategies like mask-wearing and natural ventilation as important interventions when considering a return to the classroom.”

Maria Coronado, Siobhan Rockcastle, and Alison Kwok.  “Environmental Health Perceptions in University Classrooms: Results from an Online Survey During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US and Colombia.”  Frontiers in Built Environment, in press,