Design and Eating Sweets (05-10-18)

Yang and colleagues studied how being around things that spur romance-related thoughts influences the consumption of sweet foods; space and object design can be romantic cues.  The Yang lead team reports that they “examine[d] how exposure to romantic stimuli (e.g., watching a romantic ad, reading a romantic note) affects consumers’ subsequent consumption of sweets.”  Via five experiments the researchers found that “the romantic stimuli exposure increases sweet food consumption among abstract thinkers but reduces sweet food intake among concrete thinkers.”  So, the effects of the romantic stimuli were tied to personality.

Xiaojing Yang, Huifang Mao, Lei Jia, and Melissa Bublitz. “A Sweet Romance: Divergent Effects of Romantic Stimuli on the Consumption of Sweets.”  Journal of Consumer Research, in press,