Crowd Control (08-01-17)

Sieben and her team studied crowd management.  Their work verifies the value of installing stanchions connected by ropes (or something similar; called the “corridor setup” by researchers) to funnel crowds through a space.  As the Sieben group details, “an experiment in which a large group of people . . . enters a concert hall through two different spatial barrier structures is analyzed. These two structures correspond to everyday situations such as boarding trains and access to immigration desks.  . . . Participants clearly evaluate the corridor setup more positively than the semicircle setup [people gathered in a naturally occurring semicircular crowd in front of a door]: it is seen as more comfortable, juster and progressing faster. . . . Less inappropriate behavior is observed here.”

Anna Sieben, Jette Schumann, and Armin Seyfried. 2017.  “Collective Phenomena in Crowds—Where Pedestrian Dynamics Need Social Psychology.” PLoS One,