Cost-Benefit Analyses (02-02-18)

Kim, Zafari Bellanger, and Muennig probed the costs and benefits of creating a park.  Anyone assessing the potential value of any sort of design solution will find it useful to take a look at their work (the Kim team’s methods for calculating outcome values are reported in detail at  Kim and colleagues wanted to “examine health benefits and cost-effectiveness of implementing a freeway deck park to increase urban green space. . . . [they] built a microsimulation [computer] model that included increased exercise, fewer accidents, and less pollution as well as the cost of implementation and maintenance of the park. We estimated both the quality-adjusted life years gained and the societal costs for 2017.  Implementation of a deck park over sunken parts of Cross-Bronx Expressway appeared to save both lives and money.”

Sooyoung Kim, Zafar Zafari, Martine Bellanger, and Peter Muennig.  “Cost-Effectiveness of Capping Freeways for Use as Parks:  The New York Cross-Bronx Expressway Case Study.”  American Journal of Public Health, in press, doi:  10.2105/AJPH.2017.304243.