Colors, Sounds, and Weight (10-03-18)

Walker, Scallon, and Francis studied links between sensory experiences. They report that “Everyday language reveals how stimuli encoded in one sensory feature domain can possess qualities normally associated with a different domain (e.g., higher pitch sounds are brightlight in weightsharp, and thin). Such cross-sensory associations appear to reflect crosstalk among aligned (corresponding) feature dimensions, including brightness, heaviness, and sharpness. . . . When hidden objects varying independently in size and mass are lifted, objects that feel heavier are judged to be darker and to make lower pitch sounds than objects feeling less heavy.”

Peter Walker, Gabrielle Scallon, and Brian Francis. 2017.  “Cross-Sensory Correspondences:  Heaviness is Dark and Low-Pitched.”  Perception, vol. 46, no. 7, 772-792,