Colors and Emotions (03-04-22)

Liao and teammates’ work supports previous studies with color-based metaphors.  The researchers learned that “Previous studies demonstrated that colors evoke certain affective meanings. . . . Japanese participants were presented with emoticons depicting four basic emotions (Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised) and a Neutral expression, each rendered in eight colors. . . . The affective [emotional] meaning of Angry and Sad emoticons was found to be stronger when conferred in warm and cool colors, respectively. . . . The findings provide evidence that affective congruency of the emoticon expression and the color it is rendered in facilitates recognition of the depicted emotion, augmenting the conveyed emotional message.”

Songyang Liao, Katsuaki Sakata, and Galina Paramei.  “Color Affects Recognition of Emoticon Expressions.”  I-Perception, in press,