Color and Speed (12-18-19)

Mentzel and colleagues identified ties between an object’s color and how fast it seems to be moving. They had study participants review “the perceived running speed of 48 videos depicting runners on a treadmill at seven different speed settings. . . . The runners in the video were shown wearing either a red, blue, or gray jersey, gray being used to strengthen the cover story. . . . The results showed a significant color effect for speed; runners depicted in red were perceived as running at higher speeds compared to blue. . . . findings indicate that, in situations in which speed must be judged, red might be perceived as going faster.”

Stijn Mentzel, Linda Schucker, Norbert Hagemann, and Bernd Strauss.  “Perceiving Speed—The Color Can Matter.”  Color Research and Application, vol. 44, no. 6, pp. 957-966,