Classroom Wall Colors (04-11-22)

Llinares and colleagues studied how classroom wall color hue influences student performance.  They determined via a virtual reality project that “Cold hues improve attention and memory performance. . . .  The objective of the present study is to analyse the impact that warm and cold hue coloured classroom walls have on the cognitive attention and memory functions of university students. . . . performance was quantified through psychological (attention and memory tasks) and neurophysiological (heart rate variability and electroencephalogram) metrics related to the cognitive functions analysed.”

Carmen Llinares, Juan Higuera-Trujillo, and Jua Serra.  2021. “Cold and Warm Coloured Classrooms.  Effects on Students’ Attention and Memory Measured Through Psychological and Neurophysiological Responses.”  Building and Environment, vol. 196, 107726,