Changing Rooms and Exercising (02-07-18)

When people have access to showers and changing rooms, are they more likely to ride a bicycle or walk to work?  A research team headed by Biswas analyzed data collected from over 53,000 people who answered questions on the 2007 – 2008 Canadian Community Health Survey, and determined that “Compared with younger ages, workers 50 to 75 years old were more likely to cycle to work if WS/CR [showers and changing rooms] were available.”  So, older individuals were more likely to ride their bicycles to work when WS/CR were available but people 49 years old or younger were not more likely to ride a bike to work if WS/CR were available.  The likelihood of workers of any age walking to work was not significantly affected by the presence of WS/CR.  Statistical techniques were used to eliminate living in an urban or rural area as an explanation for the effects seen.  Depending on worker/space user demographic profiles and organizational goals, devoting space to WS/CR may or may not be a good use of resources.

Aviroop Biswas, Peter Smith, and Monique Gignac.  “Access to Showers and Change Rooms at Work Associated With Active Commuting Among Older Workers:  Findings from a National Population Survey.”  Journal of Applied Gerontology, in press.