Café Wall Coverings (04-26-22)

Cosgun and associates set out to learn how wall coverings influence perceptions of cafés.  They report on a virtual reality based research project: “This study aims to determine the effects of wall covering materials (wood, concrete and metal) used indoors on participants’ perceptual evaluations. . . . Cafes using light-coloured wall covering materials were perceived more favourably than cafes using dark-coloured wall covering materials, and cafes with light-coloured wooden wall coverings were considered as a warmer material (sic) than cafes using concrete and metal.”

Busra Cosgun, Kemal Yildirim, Mehmet Hidayetoglu. 2022. “Effect of Wall Covering Materials on the Perception of Café Environments.”  Facilities, vol. 40, no. ¾, pp. 214-232,