Blind People and Color (09-03-21)

Kim and colleagues investigated how people who are blind think about color.  They determined that “congenitally blind and sighted individuals share in-depth understanding of object color. Blind and sighted people share similar intuitions about which objects will have consistent colors, make similar predictions for novel objects, and give similar explanations. Living among people who talk about color is sufficient for color understanding, highlighting the efficiency of linguistic communication as a source of knowledge.. . . People develop intuitive and inferentially rich ‘theories’ of color regardless of visual experience.”

Judy Kim, Brianna Aheimer, Veronica Manrara, and Marina Bedney.  2021.  “Shared Understanding of Color Among Sighted and Blind Adults.”  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 118, no. 33, e2020192118,