Birthing Room Design (07-28-22)

Where would people prefer to give birth?  Skogstrom, Vithal, and Wijk report that their “study was part of a . . . research project, including women . . . receiv[ing] care in a new birthing room designed with physical features changeable according to personal wishes. . . .  The overall impression of the room was positive and exceeded women’s expectations. They felt welcomed and strengthened by the room, which shifted the focus to a more positive emotional state. The room differed from traditional hospital birthing rooms, contained familiar features that maintained integrity, and had space for companions. The variety of physical features was appreciated. Of nine listed physical features, the bathtub was ranked most important, followed by the projection of nature scenery, and dimmable lighting, but the room as a whole appeared most important.  When planning and designing hospital-based birthing rooms, it is crucial to offer possibilities to adapt the room and physical features according to personal wishes.”

Lisa Skogstrom, Emma Vithal, and Helle Wijk.  2022. “Women’s Experiences of Physical Features in a Specially Designed Birthing Room:  A Mixed-Methods Study in Sweden.”  HERD:  Health Environments Research and Design Journal, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 193-205,