Birthing Room Design (07-24-20)

Nilsson lead a team that reviewed previously published studies to learn how birthing room design affects mothers and neonates, physically and emotionally.  They share that “The results of the analysis reveal four prominent physical themes in birthing rooms that positively influence on maternal and neonate physical and emotional outcomes: (1) means of distraction, comfort, and relaxation; (2) raising the birthing room temperature; (3) features of familiarity; and (4) diminishing a technocratic environment.”

Christina Nilsson, Helle Wijk, Lina Hoglund, Helen Sjoblom, Eva Hessman, and Marie Berg. 2020. “Effects of Birthing Room Design on Maternal and Neonate Outcomes:  A Systematic Review.”  HERD:  Health Environments Research and Design Journal, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 198-214,