In-Between Text Effects (02-22-21)

Gupta and Hagtvedt have done intriguing research related to the spacing between letters.  Their “research demonstrates that interstitial space in textual brand logos—that is, spacious (vs. compact) arrangement of letters—unfavorably influences brand attitude by reducing product safety perceptions. When potential threats are salient, the effect tends to occur within tight (but not loose) cultures, characterized by sensitivity to threats and a need for rigid social structures. When threats are not salient, the effect appears to occur across cultures. Five studies, including lab and field experiments, as well as archival dataset analysis, provide supportive evidence.”  Tight and loose cultures are described here:–looseness

Tanvi Gupta and Henrik Hagtvedt.  “Safe Together, Vulnerable Apart:  How Interstitial Space in Text Logos Impacts Brand Attitudes in Tight Versus Loose Cultures.”  Journal of Consumer Research, in press,