Arguments for Enriched Environments (10-20-21)

Researchers continue to investigate the implications of experiencing enriched environments.  A team lead by Borgmeyer, reports in an article published in Cell Reports that “’We usually enjoy a beautiful environment, socializing, a cosy apartment, good restaurants, a park - all this inspires us,’ says Robert Ahrends. . . . Previous studies have already shown that such an enriched environment can sometimes have a positive effect on child development or even on the human ability to regenerate, e.g. after a stroke. . . .  To clarify the underlying molecular principles, the researchers offered . . . rodents, their model organisms, an enriched environment based on plenty of room to move, a running wheel and other toys. . . . analyses revealed that 178 proteins and 20 lipids were significantly regulated depending on whether the rodents had spent time in an enriched environment or an uncomfortable one. . . . the current study provides a molecular explanation for why an enhancing stimulating environment can have a positive effect on neuronal plasticity and brain development.”

“How an Enriched Environment Fires Up Our Synapses.”  2021.  Press release, Universitat Wien,